Disaster Preparedness

Video: Go-Bag Essentials

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Prepare Now

Download "Prepare for Fire Season with OES" for tips on how to be prepared.

  1. Get Alerts
    • Register for LakeCoAlerts. The Lake County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) and OES send emergency alerts via phone call to your landline or cell phone, text and/or SMS messages, email and via social media.
  2. Know Your Zone - Genasys Protect (Formerly Zonehaven)
    • Genasys Protect is a tool that the public can use to look up their zone number ahead of an emergency. LCSO and OES use zone numbers when sending evacuation orders, shelter in place warnings and other emergency information via LakeCoAlerts. 
    • During an emergency, information can be viewed at protect.genasys.com. No account is required and it is not a service to "sign-up for". There is an option to "subscribe to alerts" when viewing zone information. This will take you to LakeCoAlerts.
  3. Make a Plan
    • Have a go-bag ready for you and your household. Visit ready.gov/kit and/or watch the video above for examples of what to include in a basic go-bag.
  4. Prepare your home
    • Fire-safe starts with defensible space. Take time now to ensure that your property is clear of dead or overgrown brush, trees, and grass. Visit the Lake County Fire Safe Council and/or contact your HOA, landlord, or local fire department for more information.
  5. Help your community
    • Individual efforts contribute to the success of all. Talk with your neighbors about being fire ready. Start making plans now - ensuring your neighborhood stays safe and has the help they need. Be sure to tell them to sign up for LakeCoAlerts.
  6. Remain vigilant
    • Each incident may behave unpredictably and rapidly, and no one should wait for an electronic alert before evacuating if the threat is imminent. If a situation appears threatening, evacuate immediately. Lake County is a resilient community.

Thank you for doing your part to prepare, while we do our part to keep you safe!

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