Visitor Screening

Every Visitor Water Vessel and its trailer must be affixed with Visitor Mussel Stickers prior to launching. Visitor Mussel Stickers expire at the end of each calendar month.

Visitor Water Vessel Definition

Visitor Water Vessel means a vessel that does not meet the definition of a Resident Water Vessel.


A vessel is any trailered watercraft, jet ski, or float plane capable of being launched into a water body. Does not apply to:

  • Zebra and Quagga Mussels Compared to DimeCanoes
  • Kayaks
  • Car-top boats
  • Float tubes
  • Rafts
  • Wind surfers/boards
  • Boogey boards
  • Nonmotorized paddle boats
  • Nonmotorized sail boats that are 8 feet or less in length

Visitor Screening Requirements

  • Prior to first launch in every calendar month
  • Vessels must be present at screening location in order to obtain Visitor Mussel Stickers
  • Vessels must be re-screened upon return to Lake County after having been launched in an out-of-county body of water (Note: vessel must be present for re-screening)

Visitor Screening Process

  1. Verify that vessel is clean, drained and dry whenever it exits water
  2. Answer a few simple questions
  3. Complete and sign a Mussel Screening Application
  4. Show vessel DMV registration
  5. Pay the fee

Water vessels that are not clean, drained and dry, or appear to pose a risk to Lake County water bodies will be required to undergo a physical inspection by an Authorized Inspector.

Screening Fee

The fee for screening services is $20.

There is no charge for required re-screening of a vessel that is returning to Lake County after launching in an outside body of water.